Hi all, my name is Darian and I'm a family man who is slightly mad (according to family members)

I love fishing, cinema and most of all my kids and grandchildren. I have also been a Chelsea fan since birth

My blog consists of my passions which are mostly fishing, films, tech. I hope you enjoy the site

Some of what I enjoy

GTA 5 Posters

GTA V Game review

GTA V game review  (2 stars out of 5) Hi All Here are my views on the new GTA V game.  I have given the game just 2 stars out of 5 for this as I think it is more suited to the American market than the British.  I am not a prude, but with all the swearing in it …

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Remember Them

I hope that you all out there in the free world remember all of those who have given their lives for our freedom. Plus our thoughts should be with those who have been seriously injured in the line of duty as I think sometimes we forget that a lot of service men and women are injured. Let’s all remember them …

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WTF!! We’re paying tens of thousands of pounds to teach a failed asylum seeker to fly.

WTF!! We’re paying tens of thousands of pounds to teach a failed asylum seeker to fly. If I wanted to learn to fly do you think the government would pay for me? The answer would be NO! as I am English. Why do we give all to illegal asylum seekers and shit on our own people. It pisses me off …

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British Gas putting up prices

British Gas, Looking After Your World.  What a bloody joke!!! How can British Gas put up Fuel prices again?  The rich can afford it but what about the disabled like me who find it hard anyway and this could push us into major dept.  British Gas will say they help the disabled by giving £135 off our electric in March, …

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Roy Hodgson Monkey Jibe at player

How can Roy Hodgson get away with his Monkey Jibe at a England player after how the FA treated John Terry.  John Terry proved he wasn’t guilty in a court of law but the FA still made him pay a fine and gave him bans, which means the men in the FA just wanted to make an example of JT …

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