Wateringbury Bream

Fishing the river Medway at Wateringbury

Hi All

I went fishing on a stretch of the river Medway that Cranbrook Angling Club have and it was quite a good day had by Tony Green and I.  I had quite a nice Bream that weighed 3lb 8oz and several other Skimmer Bream, with a few Perch and some nice Roach.  Tony had 3 nice size Skimmers of about 1-2lb plus like me Perch, Roach etc.  Tony had the most fish but I had the best fish and giving that before we started I said the winner of the day would be the one who catches the best fish at which Tony said ok, I was very happy.  I think that in the Autumn the River will start to produce more and more fish.

We are going Fishing next week for 3 days so I will let you all know how we get on and what we catch etc. my other friend Shane Arnold is also coming with us next week, and we can try out his new Bivvy which hasn’t been used yet, can’t wait!

Hope all is well out there and if any of you are fishing I hope you all catch well.

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