Fishing Trip 065

Fishing trip at Lydd with my mates Shane and Tony

Hi all


I had a fantastic 3 days fishing with my mates Shane and Tony.  There were 3 mixed bags of fish really, and I felt sorry for my mate Shane who had Eels and Roach, Tony who came down for 2 days had 1 Tench, 1 Carp and a few Rudd.  I had 7 Tench up to 4lb 8oz, 3 Carp weighing up to 10lb 8oz and 7 Eels as well.  The biggest Carp is the first Carp that I have ever caught on a Boilie.  It was a shame the weather was windy for the first 2 days and a lot of cloud but we did have some sun as well.  It was a laugh with my mates, it’s just great to get away from the norm and take the piss out of each other.  I have to say here that Shane is fantastic at looking after me as he carries all my gear (which is a lot), and takes pics for me and generally looks after me.

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