Fishing trip to River Medway and Wateringbury

Hi All

I had a trip to Wateringbury (River Medway), on Friday and it was a lovely day.  My great friend Shane picked me up at about 09.30 and we got there at about 10.15.  By the time we had set up it was 10.45 before we started fishing.  It did help a lot that we can drive right up to the waters edge and unload.

At first it was very slow but as the day went on the bites started getting quicker and quicker, although that is not to say that the fish were big, they weren’t.  The tactics we were using was two feeder rods, one maggot and one open end feeder.  I used manly maggots on a size 16 hook, with a 12″ 4lb hooklength.  I did have one big bite which pulled the line of the reel very very fast, I grabbed the rod as fast as I could and struck…….bloody nothing there, WTF!!  I then had a lovely bite and again struck and this time felt a fish, then the line went very tight and I couldn’t even move what ever I was hooked into, how did that happen?  I ended up losing my maggot feeder etc that time.  The next thing I know Shane had done the same, but he was lucky that he got his gear back, then he done it again and got his gear back and also a small Skimmer Bream, lol.  By the end of the day I had quite a few small Skimmers and Roach.  Shane had a slightly better day than me and had a few Skimmers that were about 8oz-1lb, but manly like me small stuff.  Overall though, I enjoyed my day very much and can’t wait until I go again.  I’m very lucky I’ve got friends who will take me and  carry all my gear to where I’m fishing, and trust me I’ve got loads of gear.

That’s all I have to report at the moment, I hope you all have fun out there and enjoy life.


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