Hi All

Hiya everyone

I haven’t been on here for a while so thought I should say hi to you all. I’m enjoying the weather at the moment, I am finally getting my garden tidy, yippee. My front lawn has had its first cut, it was a foot tall in places. Why does just cutting the grass make a garden look great. Just need to cut the back lawn and clean the greenhouse. I love gardening, just a shame I’m to ill to do a lot.

Hopefully we will have a great summer and I can get a lot of fishing in.

I love going on my PS4, I’ve got Infamous : Second Son ordered and should be here on the day of release which is the 23rd, I will put a review of the game as soon as I can. I finally have finish Assassins Creed Back Flag, what a great game. It took over 2 months (not on all the time but done about 15 hours a week on it) to complete but that is with a lots of side missions and just attacking ships to loot etc. altogether I have done 76%. Get it if you like a game that lasts more than a few hours like COD, lol.

Well that is all I need to say at the moment.

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