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Hi all

Hi all

Well what have I been up to lately. Not a bloody lot that’s all I can say. I’ve done a bit of baillifing for Cranbrook Angling Club, which involves driving about and talking to anglers and checking memberships etc. so far this season I haven’t found one poacher on any of our waters, which is good. I’ve had to give a few warning about rule breaking but that’s all.

I have had a few cups of tea at Millbrook Garden Centre at STAPLEHURST while I’ve been out, if you’ve never been there try to as its a lovely garden centre. Great cafe, nice plants etc.

At home we’ve had to redo our pond as the liner leaked in the other one, so brought a rigid one and if I say so myself it looks great. I will post a pic for you to see.

Well that’s all I’ve got to report. I hope your all doing well out there. And remember, it’s not long until xmas. xxx

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