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Infamous : Second Son PS4 game review

Infamous : Second Son game review

Developed by : Sucker Punch

4.3* out of 5

What can I say about this game………..”Its bloody brilliant!”.  Forget some of the bad reviews that are out there as I noticed some were written before the game was released so how can they give an opinion, lol.  It is the first game that has been made for the PS4 and its graphics ability.  Once I started to play this game I just couldn’t put it down and I wanted to do every bit of the game and not just follow the storyline.  I finally finished the game last night at 1:45am so I believe that proves that I couldn’t stop playing it.  I will now have to try to catch up on some much needed sleep, before I start to look for the next game to play.

Graphics are fantastic and I can say all you gamers out there will love this game.

The Plot

The game is set seven years after the events of inFamous 2 and follows the story of Deslin Rowe, a 24 year-old native American who gains the ability to direct, manipulate, and even transform into smoke after he rescues occupants from a fiery bus wreck………..As you go through the game you have to get different abilities and fight the DUP for control of the city and the freedom of all conduits.

If you haven’t already got this game (why not?), get down to the shops or buy online as soon as you can as you wont regret it.  Once you have got it, play play play, you will love it.  Enjoy my friends

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