Roy Hodgson Monkey Jibe at player

How can Roy Hodgson get away with his Monkey Jibe at a England player after how the FA treated John Terry.  John Terry proved he wasn’t guilty in a court of law but the FA still made him pay a fine and gave him bans, which means the men in the FA just wanted to make an example of JT and it wasn’t anything to do with what or wasn’t said.  Then the FA couldn’t understand why JT ended his England career, lol.

Roy Hodgson has said he did make the Monkey jibe, what do the FA do, Fuck all!!  Why?  Because they said no one took offence.  Does that make it right?  Of course it doesn’t make it right, racist is racist as far as I’m concerned.  The FA is run by a bunch of fucking twats who need to get into the real world, stop being two faced and it should be the same rule for all and not one law for one and another law for another.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

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