Sunburnt Baby!!!!!! WTF

I can not believe what newsroom southeast has reported, a 4 week old baby admitted to hospital with severe sunburn, what the f***! I hope the baby is taken off the parent/s and never returned to them. Why is it that it seems to me that more and more parents don’t seem to care about their young babies/children. Why do they have them if they don’t want to look after them properly? If you have a baby or young child there are sun creams and sun blocks out there that will stop your baby getting burnt, and please don’t say your on benefits and can’t afford it, go without a pack of fags or a bottle of wine. And don’t start me on about the benefits paid to some young mums out there who have never done a days work in their lives.
Don’t get me wrong, I know there are a lot of good parents and single mothers out there who will look after their children properly and they work hard, but don’t think of them as a meal ticket or a way of sitting on their arses.

Rant over

  1. Jamie

    That’s a disgrace…. Ultimately could mean more harm later in life to get severe sun burn as a kid. Cancer etc.

    Some people need help…

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