What a Storm!

Hi Friends

What a storm that was last night, and it wasn’t forecast for here. Our poor cat CJ didn’t like it though, after shaking and running about he finally hid under my bed and didn’t come out until quite a few hours later. It took a while for the storm to get here but when it did start raining it was like trying to look through a waterfall as it was coming down that hard. I heard the lightning strike a couple of times, but it was a good light show, I loved it.

I was expecting to wake up today and find all of my plants battered and broken, I have been lucky as not one plant seems to have been lost, still got to check a few things though.

I want to go fishing, but at the moment I know I just can not go by myself (not well enough). I have a couple of night fishing expeditions lined up for the next month which I am looking forward too.

I also need to go and see The Wolverine soon, I have enjoyed all the films the have Wolverine in.

Talk soon and take care out there

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